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About Us

Cooked Films is a project that fills each and every minute of time between school and work. We are based in a small country called New Zealand. I have always enjoyed making  films, particularly Clay Animations, this website is a place were I can post my work onto the internet. 

Thank you for the support. 

Cast And Crew.

Written, Animated and Edited by - Hayden Cook

Voices # 1 -  Matthew R

Voices #2 - Jeremy G

Voices # 3 - Hayden Cook

Music - Jeremy G

For more Free, Videos, Music and other Artwork visit 

Spirit Of Aquarius   


"What is so important with animation is the emotions and ideas being portrayed, I'm a great believer of energy and emotion" - Ralph Bakshi



If you have any comments or questions on anything from this website, email , We are always happy to hear feedback.